Wales Beat Scotland Win Gold in Bowls – nailed the jack – congratulationsūü•á

Wales Beat Scotland Win Gold in Bowls

Wales Beat Scotland Win Gold in Bowls – ‘nailed the jack’ brilliant to watch! Congratulations Wales we are proudūüĎŹ¬†Watch the video!

Wales win a surprise gold medal in the lawn bowls men’s pairs.¬† They prevented Alex Marshall becoming Scotland’s most successful Commonwealth Games athlete.¬† Never mind.

Daniel Salmon and Marc Wyatt beat Marshall and Paul Foster, the defending champions, 12-10 in a tense final.

It was fantastic to watch.  Those who love and understand bowls will be enraptured with how it all went. A great crowd there with supporters for both sides.

A victory for Marshall would have given him a fifth gold, taking him past the Scottish record held by sprinter Allan Wells and para-cyclist Neil Fachie.

Scotland is the best in the World.¬† They were ready to win another cap but didn’t quite make it.

Were you up early to watch? If not don’t miss this video.¬† It has the final hand and the tense and dramatic finish.

Take a look and let us know your thoughts.¬† We want to hear from you.¬† There’s a comment box below especially to connect and write your views.

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