Avengers: Infinity War UK Fan Event – special screening – in cinemas April 27

Avengers: Infinity War UK Fan Event

Avengers: Infinity War UK Fan Event. They were excited about getting to see a special screening of the movie in London. The movie hits cinemas April 27

But they are not going to see all of it.  Marvel Studios who extended the invitation wanted it to be a taster.  The idea was that they would be shown a short of the film. Who cares?  Being there and seeing the stars share the night was enough for them.

And the event was at the old site of the BBC in Wood Lane. There were no workmen.  Building has been transformed.

Directors Anthony and Joe Russo were proud to be there too for the Avengers: Infinity War brief screening. They walked the purple carpet – no not red – for the occasion.  Brothers said it was their mission to make a movie that would do more than entertain fans.  Not sure about the purple carpet though.

However the film is expected to break box office numbers. Will you be going?

Before going in a team of actors from the movie spoke of their roles.  The Marvel characters included: Elizabeth Olsen, Tom Hiddleston.  Sebastian Stan, Paul Bettany, Tom Holland and Letitia Wright.

Catch the video for their entertaining comments.

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