Virgin Galactic’s Successful Supersonic Flight – space tourism on the horizon

Virgin Galactic’s successful supersonic flight

Virgin Galactic’s successful supersonic flight – space flight on the horizon for anyone who can afford it.

Virgin Galactic has taken a major step forward in its space tourism programme. Its SpaceShipTwo VSS Unity vehicle safely and successfully completed her first supersonic, rocket-powered flight.  It follows two years of extensive ground and atmospheric testing. This milestone marks the start of the final portion of Unity’s flight test programme.

The flight was the first return to air for the company since a fatal crash in 2014.

It is designed to ferry paying space tourists and research payloads to edge of space. Virgin Galactic’s SpaceShipTwo vehicle has been in development for more than a decade. Sir Richard Branson, founder of Virgin Group, modelled the SpaceShipTwo design on SpaceShipOne.  A smaller rocket plane that became the first privately-built craft to carry a person into space in 2004.

Would you like to take such a flight?  As soon as all safety experiments are complete then flights open to everyone.  But you will need a lot of money or be rich.  The cost of a ticket is exceptionally high.

But what an exciting venture it would be.  If you plan to go please let us know. Have you booked a ticket? If you have then we want to hear your story.

Wouldn’t it be fantastic to travel into space.  Flying in orbit for a while, maybe a day or two. Then flight back home.  Our comment box is ready and waiting for your remarks.

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