GC2018 Opening Ceremony – biggest sporting event on Australian soil

GC2018 Opening Parade
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GC2018 Opening Ceremony – massive crowd cheered the Commonwealth nations as they displayed their competitors. It was G’day, g’day all the way! Games on from 4 – 15 April.

Prince Charles was there with the Duchess of Cornwall.  They looked pretty good together.

There was total colour and stylish clothes. The athletes looked superb and ready to get into play. Competition is going to be great this year.

Total population of the Commonwealth is 2.1 million.  A huge part of the globe.  Forecast for attendance is high. Tickets not expensive.  But the journey to and from is.

Most medals won since the Games began is by Australia.  It totals 852 gold.  Congratulations!

There are 71 Nations and Territories taking part.  The Games are going to be massive

BBC’s Hazel Irvine introduces the live coverage from the Carrara Stadium of the opening ceremony of the XXI Commonwealth Games in Gold Coast

Did you enjoy the parade?  Did you wish you were there? It may have rained at the beginning but it soon stopped once the celebrations started.  What a great show! There was a little trouble removing the Queen’s message from the torch. But it worked and Prince Charles read it out

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