UK Passports: Blue Belongs to Us – ready to make the change?

UK Passports: The Blue Belongs To Us

UK Passports: Blue Belongs to Us. Why British passports are changing colours after Brexit – and do Brits welcome the switch?

In the meantime. The existing manufacturer of British passports is appealing against the decision to use a Franco-Dutch supplier after Brexit.

De La Rue lost the £490m contract to Gemalto, which is based in France, in March.

The British company admitted its bid was not the cheapest but said it was “the highest quality and technically most secure”.

The Home Office said the chosen firm met the needs of the passport service.

The burgundy passport, in use since 1988, will revert to its original blue and gold colour from October 2019. However, people are expected to keep their current passports until they expire.

The Home Office issues more than six million passports annually and is the only provider of passports to British citizens.

Are you ready to change your passport? It is going to be a long process but eventually everyone will have the blue.  Do you want to change the colour of the passport?

Will you miss not having a red passport?  Happy to change to the blue?  Your comments welcome.

video BBC News (December 2017)

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