GC2018: Welcome To Greatness – the XXI Games April 4 – 15 – Opening Ceremony 10:30BST

GC2018: Welcome To Greatness

GC2018: Welcome To Greatness – The XXI Commonwealth Games starts 4 April until 15 April

We stand upon the cusp of greatness. A greatness witnessed only once in a lifetime. And as a country. A State. A city. We welcome it. The best of luck to everyone!

The Gold Coast 2018 Commonwealth Games (GC2018) is about more than a spectacular sporting event. It is also about the opportunities. And benefits that hosting the Commonwealth Games will bring to the Gold Coast. Also all of Queensland before, during and after the event. There is a vast scale of beauty to visit and see.

Total population of the Commonwealth is 2.1 million.  A huge part of the globe.  Forecast for attendance is high. Tickets not expensive.  But the journey to and from is.

Most medals won since the Games began is by Australia.  It totals 852 gold.  Congratulations!

There are 71 Nations and Territories taking part.  The Games are going to be massive

Team GB has a great group of athletes set to take as many medals as they can. The top 10 names are: Chris and Gabby Adcock/Badminton.  Katie Archibald/Track and Road. Elinor Barker/Cycling, Alastair Brownlee/Track. Tom Daley/Diving, Katarina Johnson-Thompson/Pentathlon. Adam Peaty/Swimming, Duncan Scott/Freestyle, Non Stanford/Triathlon.

It is a great line-up for the UK.  No doubt we will get to see some magnificent sport


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