Telford Abuse: Mother Claims Son Used By Men For Sex – abused for five years

Telford Abuse: Mother Claims Son Used By Men For Sex
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Telford Abuse: Mother Claims Son Used By Men For Sex.  The woman has come forward to reveal she believes her son was abused by multiple men in Telford.

The woman wants to remain anonymous. She says her son was plied with money, drugs and alcohol before being abused for five years.

She claims he was targeted by white men.  Telford does not only have an issue of Asian men abusing young white girls.  The mother claims all races are involved.

The Shropshire town is in the spotlight after a report in the Sunday Mirror. It told how the centre of Britain’s “worst ever” child grooming scandal.

Shropshire town dogged by fresh child abuse claims.  Including reports of widespread grooming dating back to the 1980s.  Stories have hit headlines for a number of years.

West Mercia Police said preventing child sexual abuse was a “priority”.  But is the force doing enough?

The mother told the BBC abuse in Telford not simply historical. Knew people still going through with it.  

Many describe situation as an outrage.  Also concerned that police are not tackling the problem or dealt with bringing the abuse to an end.

Telford  at the heart of a media storm. It’s which has triggered a feeling of anger – confusion – and disgust among many of its residents.

Is child sexual exploitation worse here than in any other place in the country and if so, why has it taken so long to bring that into the spotlight?

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