Could Grimsby’s Ghost Town Be Saved? There are big plans ahead

Could Grimsby's Ghost Town Be Saved?

Could Grimsby’s Ghost Town Be Saved? Has it frozen in time?  Would you live here?  Are you optimistic about its future? 

It was once the bustling heart of Britain’s busiest fishing port.  But over the last 30 years, become a ghost town.

The area is part of Grimsby known as the Kasbah. These days many local people don’t know it exists. At this stage not a place to go to or visit. Will they return? A buzzing suburb.

Now, however, there are plans that could mean saving it from further decay.

Grimsby is among areas identified as having real potential for business growth.  This discovered in a BBC commissioned survey.

The idea certainly great. But from what we see an awful lot needs doing. Is it achievable?  It may take some time to complete the work.  However the regeneration plan will be welcome.

An ideal location for new ideas.  The community impressed and likely to return.  New residents and businesses expected to arrive and open.

There used to be a railway.  Will they bring it back?  It would be great to hear the trains working again.  Transporting people and goods.

Streets of Victorian houses would get a make-over. Doubt the premises will get knocked down. The houses look fabulous.

The new look sounds fabulous.  Changes good for future.  Community back together again. Views by the sea fantastic. Imagine owning property there. Valuable and current. New look homes needed. Trends call for high value land and premises. Could be the place to buy. A future with a great community.  Optimism a must. Investment a must.

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