Sheffield Tree Felling – Latest News – felling of trees suspended

Sheffield Tree Felling

Sheffield Tree Felling – Latest news: tree felling is suspended for the time being. This a result os protests by community and politicians. Gove had vowed to end row as protestors demanded the cutting down of trees stopped

Environment Secretary Michael Gove accused Sheffield City Council of environmental vandalism.  Promised to do anything required to end the controversial tree-felling programme.

Thousands of trees, assessed as dead, dying, diseased. Damaging or dangerous cut down.

Campaigners say healthy trees also lost.  Heart-breaking to watch them go down. Starting at top down to ground level. However, if old then it happens quickly. No desire to see them come down at all. Trying to stop it impossible.

The Labour-run authority said it was again disappointed at Mr Gove’s unsubstantiated comments.  Will they listen to him?  It is time for action

Campaigners taken direct action to try to prevent trees felled.  This led to a number of arrests.

Alleged offences range from assault and criminal damage to highway obstruction.  Also trespass.

In one instance a woman in her 60s arrested for blowing a horn.

Sheffield Tree Action Groups (STAG) said residents determined to continue campaign against felling.

The tree-felling is part of the £2bn 25-year Streets Ahead project.  About 5,500 trees cut down since 2012.

Lord Scriven, Liberal Democrat peer and former council leader has criticised the police’s handling of protests.

He complained that on some occasions more than 30 officers were present at the removal of just one tree.

This led to a lot of anger among the community.  Should it be allowed to continue?  Would you protest with the campaigners? What more can be done?

Promise made by Environment Secretary.  Can that be relied on?  Is the Council listening to the public?  Is the Council listening to Michael Gove?  The video is an in depth report on what’s been going on since the beginning.  A lot said. Interviews interesting and revealing.  Information from both sides of the argument heard.


Take a look at the video.  A well produced and researched item about the whole issue.  Not easy to do.  Lot of care and time needed and taken to provide the right story.  Care also with information and editing.

BBC Reporter Dino Sofos followed the story.  Dino produced the video special

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