Funny Cow Trailer – April 20 – I’ve no backbone only a funny bone

Funny Cow Trailer

Funny Cow Trailer – A woman who has a funny bone for a backbone. At cinemas across the UK April 20

‘Funny Cow’ charts the rise to stardom of a female comedienne through the 1970’s and 1980’s. It is set against the backdrop of working men’s clubs and the stand-up comedy circuit of the North of England.

From her troubled childhood to her turbulent adult relationships, the Funny Cow uses the raw material of her life experiences to bring her unique style of comedy to the stage. A stand-up comedienne in an all-male world, ‘Funny Cow’ delivers tragedy and comedy in equal measure.

Maxine Peake plays the role of a lifetime as ‘Funny Cow’ with Tony Pitts as her violent soul mate ‘Bob’.  Paddy Considine acts as her middle class lover ‘Angus’ and Stephen Graham plays her brother ‘Mike’.

When life knocks you down – stand up.

Director:  Adrian Shergold

Writer:  Tony Pitts

Stars:  Stephen GrahamPaddy ConsidineMaxine Peake.  Alun Armstrong, Kevin Eldon, Lindsey Coulson.  Christine Bottomley, Hannah Walters, Diane Morgan, Jim Moir.  John Bishop, Bobby Knutt, Richard Hawley and Corinne Bailey Rae.

Original Songs and Music Composed by: Richard Hawley.

Filming locations: Saltaire, West Yorkshire.  Bradford, West Yorkshire.  Leeds, West Yorkshire.

Film Quotes: I’ve got no choice. I can’t do what everyone else does, I can’t be a civilian. I’ve no backbone.  I’ve got a funny bone instead.

Film critics are raving about this film.  Will you go and see it?  It has a great story to tell. Let us know your thoughts. Visit our comment box. We would like to hear from you.  Did you like it of love it?


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