World Cup Like Hitler’s Olympics – Boris Johnson says Putin basking in global attention

World Cup Like Hitler's Olympics.

World Cup Like Hitler’s Olympics. Boris Johnson says Moscow is glorying in the event sickens him. Watch the video for full version of the Foreign Secretary’s remarks.

At a Parliamentary Foreign Affairs Committee, Boris agreed with Labour’s Ian Austin when he compared Putin to Hitler.  This year’s World Cup in Russia he said was like the 1936 Berlin Olympics hosted by Adolf Hitler. 

The Foreign Secretary agreed with Austin: he was completely right to say Russia’s President wanted to gloss over a brutal corrupt regime. 

Circumstances surrounding the World Cup in Moscow fills me with horror Boris Johnson said.

Urgent conversation with Russia’s police were a priority.  A guarantee of safety for the fans must be forthcoming from Moscow.

Up to 24 thousand fans have applied for Visas to go to the World Cup. It takes place in June.  More than 94 thousand had applied to go to Rio when it was held in 2014.

Ian Austin told the meeting that he didn’t believe England should be participating in the World Cup. He said: If a member of my family wanted to go.  He’d be subject to a visa ban my me.  They got the right to stage the World Cup purely through corruption.

But Boris said there would be no calls for a boycott. However the British Government would insist that the Russian police provide safety for the football fans.

A Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman said he was poisoned with hatred.

Your View

Should England pull out of the World Cup?  It is not a government decision it is an FA decision. A number of fans already paid for their trip.  Would they be reimbursed should the tournament be pulled?  The way things are going the World Cup could be pulled from Moscow

Britain’s head of security in Russia expelled.  So supervision of safety would be in the hands of Russia. Football fans are in two minds.  Some going like it or not.  Others definitely not going because of the poison issue. In the end it is the decision of the football fans

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