PMQs: Cambridge Analytica Challenge – response vague

PMQs: Cambridge Analytica Challenge

PMQs: Cambridge Analytica Challenge. Theresa May asked to explain alleged Tory links to firms at the centre of a dispute. This is over the harvesting and use of personal data. 

The SNP’s Ian Blackford asked: Does the Prime Minister agree that subverting the democratic process in any country is totally unacceptable.  

Watch the video for the PM’s response.

After that there’s another challenge from the SNP MP.  He made this claim: that SCL, the parent company of Cambridge Analytica, was run by a chairman of Oxford Conservative Association.

Ian Blackford also claimed its founding chairman was a former Tory MP.  Also that a director had donated over £700,000 to the party.  Interesting accusations.  Didn’t bode well with Theresa May.

The PM replied that allegations concerning the two firms were “clearly very concerning”.

“As far as I’m aware, the government has no current contracts with Cambridge Analytica or with the SCL group.”

Mrs May: “It’s absolutely right that they are properly investigated and the information commissioner is doing exactly that.”

There was a lot of ooohing and aaahing from MPs during the exchange. Difficult to know whether the noise was from both sides.


Should Mrs May provided more information in her response to the question?  There are a number of unanswered questions.  Like, how did it ever happen?

Likely to take some time before any real answers are given.  Not likely to be the first time in PMQs deals with this subject either.  It is bound to come up again. And so it should.

The argument will go on. It is a controversial one. Does action need to be taken?  If so what would be the best thing to do?


Watch the video.  It is good viewing.  Theresa May has not escaped the issue.  Prime Minister’s questions are a good time to learn or discover what the Government is thinking or doing. Also plans from the opposition.

PMQs happen each Wednesday when parliament sitting. Open to the public and watched live from the Gallery.  While a lot of noise is going on in the Chamber, the Gallery has to remain quiet.  No interruptions allowed. Need to get to Westminster early and queue to get in. Security checks take place. This takes time.  But it is an efficient process.

PMQs rarely starts on time

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