Chancellor’s Spring Statement – not a budget but an economic forecast

Chancellor's Spring Statement

Chancellor’s Spring Statement – this not a budget.  Philip Hammond unveiled tax and future spending measures. He had an upbeat assessment of the country’s economy


There is light at the end of the tunnel.  Government will continue to deliver balanced Budget and support for hard working families. (This went down well with party supporters)

Economy growing at a slightly faster rate than predicted in November.  Borrowing is down. (Another positive note)

There may be capacity for further spending and investment to be announced in Autumn Budget. (good news if it happens)

Continue to prepare for all eventualities on Brexit. (a special fund?)

£80m to be made available to support small businesses in taking on apprentice workers.

Ruled out immediate end to austerity. But hinted at possible spending rises in the future.

UK borrowing less than forecast this year. Thanks to more tax coming in from self-employed workers.  Revenues are £2.9bn higher than predicted.

Labour’s McDonnell:

But the shadow Chancellor not happy and went on the attack.

Public services ignored by the Conservatives. Despite a crisis on a scale we have never seen before. 

The complacency shown by Chancellor Philip Hammond’s Spring Statement was astounding.  What about the doctors, the nurses, the carers, the police?  

This isn’t a government that’s preparing our country for the future – it’s a government setting us up to fail. (could this be true?)


Today’s announcement a break from what is normally known as a mini-budget.  Mr Hammond instead revealed state of the UK’s economy. He wants to end the mini-budget happening in Spring.

So any of it good news? Do you agree the economy turned around? Forecasters believe Chancellor confident of a better outlook for the country.

A lot was said.

More money for NHS England in the future. Not just now. That will be announced in the November Budget.  Calls for extra money in the health service have been made for some time. This not the day for revealing how much.

The Chancellor has been in a cheerful mood.  He was happy in the Chamber.  Speculation right.  He talked positive in the statement.  It was not short. It lasted more than 20 minutes.  A bitter sweet declaration?  Could the Chancellor have done better?  Reaction though has been positive.

Let’s hope this continues.  Good economic news is needed for morale in the country.  Austerity has been around too long.

How did the Chancellor do? Let us know your view.  Could more have been done? Philip Hammond enjoyed his time in parliament today. He joked. Seemed playful.  Almost childlike. MPs also enjoy their time in Parliament.

Such is life in politics. A winning streak can lead to lightheartedness.  Chamber full. Everyone eager to hear the news. Did everyone go home happy?  But above all is the public happy?


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