Looking at Oceans and Land Coverage – Sentenel B Satellite to be launched

Looking at Oceans and Land Coverage

Looking at Oceans and Land Coverage.  Sentinel B in orbit to help collect data on earth conditions. Watch this ESA video that takes a journey in the lab.  Also with scientists working on the project

In April 2018 the Sentinel-3B earth observation satellite will be launched into orbit.  It will happen from the Plesetsk cosmodrome in northern Russia. In orbit it will join its twin brother Sentinel-3A and become part of Copernicus.  This is the European system monitoring our planet.

Sentinel-3B will improve our understanding of Earth.  In particular oceans and land coverage. The satellite will provide operational services to many users on the ground. These services will be unique and vital for environmental conditions on earth.

In the European Space Agency’s video are scientists who have worked on the project.  Among them is British expert Craig Donlon (Sentinel 3 Mission Scientist, ESA).

He says: We’ve learnt of lot.  We have scientists working all over Europe and international operational laboratories.  As well as other research institutes. Using satellite data from Sentinel 3.  Together with other instruments on other satellites.

The video also outlines the role of the Sentinel B while in orbit.

Susanne Mecklenburg, Sentinel 3 Mission Manager, ESA.  She explains: The Sentinel 3 mission is quite a versatile mission.  It serves a large variety of different Copernicus services.  We’re not just working with the marine environment services.  We’re also working with the land, the atmosphere and the climate services.

Watch how the new satellite will work alongside its partners in space.


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