Brit Awards 2018 Stormzy Wins Best Album – attacks Theresa May over Grenfell

Brit Awards 2018 Stormzy Wins Best Album

Brit Awards 2018 Stormzy Wins Best Album – amazing win. Slams Theresa May Over Grenfell.  He is proud.

The young grime artist was fantastic.  He was by the far the runaway winner with his album Gang Signs and Prayer.  He said it was exhausting.  Took a lot out of him but worth it in the end.

Stormzy was overwhelmed.  The South London boy could not believe it.  But the Brit Awards handed the biggest award of the night.  He also won best British Male.  Great night for the guy.

Then he absolutely enthralled the audience and sang freestyle  One of the songs had interesting lyrics that criticised the PM: “Yo Theresa May, where’s the money for Grenfell?”  Downing Street responded by saying they had committed millions of pounds to the community in the aftermath of the blaze.  The tragedy happened in West London last June.

There was massive applause from the crowd.  They loved Stormzy, especially when he pulled off his t-shirt.  Well, it was pretty wet after singing in the ‘rain’. Interesting effects.

Was Stormzy the best of them all?  Better than Ed Sheeran?  Did the best artist win?

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