PMQs Brexit: Corbyn Tackles PM – head-to-head clash

PMQs Brexit: Corbyn Tackles PM
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PMQs Brexit: Corbyn Tackles PM – it was a head to head attack during Question Time.

The Labour leader was not prepared to give up on getting answers on Brexit and where the country stands.

Mr Corbyn managed to raise a smile from the PM with his first question.  It was about David Davis’s “Mad Max” speech.  The Brexit secretary reassured the country life outside the EU would not be like a scene from a lawless Aussie dystopia.

“Doesn’t the PM feel he (Mr Davis) could set the bar just a little bit higher?,” asked Mr Corbyn. The PM was clearly amused by the Labour leader’s joke – a rare thing indeed – but her reply was pure government boilerplate, complete with a swipe at Labour’s shifting position on Brexit.

The back and forth exchange lasts for a good ten minutes.  Not unusual these days.  Brexit is the topic of Questions in the House each week.

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