Parliament: Sexual Exploitation in The Aid Sector LIVE – REPLAY

Parliament: Sexual Exploitation in The Aid Sector LIVE

Parliament: Sexual Exploitation in The Aid Sector LIVE.  MPs on the International Development Committee taking evidence on sexual exploitation.  REPLAY 

Save the Children UK questioned by MPs. Completed

Oxfam UK questioning completed.

Oxfam’s chief executive Mark Goldring has said he is sorry for the damage the charity has done to the people of Haiti.  Also the wider efforts of aid workers.

He is facing questions from MPs on the International Development Committee. They are about the sexual misconduct of some staff after the 2010 Haiti earthquake.

In 10 days, 7,000 people have cancelled regular donations, MPs were told.

Mr Goldring also apologised for remarks made about murdering babies in cots. He made them in defending Oxfam.

In an interview with the Guardian last week, he said: “The intensity and ferocity of the attack makes you wonder, what did we do? We murdered babies in their cots?”

Mr Goldring said he was “deeply sorry” for the comments.  He had made while under stress.  He joined the charity in 2013.

Earlier this month, the Times newspaper published allegations that Oxfam aid workers in Haiti had used prostitutes.

Oxfam, which has almost 10,000 staff working in more than 90 countries.  It has denied a cover-up.  Its handling of the scandal is being investigated by the Charity Commission.

Select Committee

The Select Committee is chaired by Stephen Twigg.  It is an all-party committee.

Questioning expected to go on through the day.  Members of the charities called to explain. Important for the public to know what went wrong.  Will they get the whole truth?  Is there a mood for change?  Is more needed to be done?  Donations not yet stopped.  But proof needed the issue has been dealt with. Summit set for March 5. Lot aired. What will happen now? Do they get to stay in their jobs?  Should they bow out?  Time for them to go? Or will they stay?

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