End So-called Dead Models in Magazines – fashion shoots to change

End So-called Dead Models in Magazines
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End So-called Dead Models in Magazines.  Photo shoots promote wrong image of women. There should be change

A fashion photographer in LA is asking why female models are posing as dead bodies or sexual objects in magazines.

Former photographer, Jennifer Moss believes it is time to take another look.  Especially at the way models are asked to posed in fashion shoots.

The most alarming, says Jennifer Moss, is how some advertisements show photos of models in a ‘dead’ pose.  Women are not dead they are their own people. Important to get this message across.

But there is change ahead.  Fashion magazines are encouraging that images should reflect a more current view of women.  Powerful, proud, great to be female.

No more open legs and positions for sex.  Appearing afraid or being available for men.  The sex image no longer represents a modern woman in the current social climate.

Jennifer Moss:  The message that they’re portraying is that that’s glamorous.  That you should be meek.  You should be timid, you should be scared walking down the street.

But a new trend is emerging.  The empowered woman.  Strong and happy.  Facing the camera straight on.  Not from below.  Successful.

Fashion magazines seem to agree with the new trend. They’re beginning to demand images of great and good-looking women.

women models also looking for change

Video Journalist: Hannah Gelbart/BBC entertainment

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