Bare Chested at Pyeongchang Winter Olympics – Tongan athlete an internet success

Bare Chested Pyeongchang Winter Olympics
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Bare Chested at Pyeongchang Winter Olympics – only a brave person could do it! Watch the video to see how he went from Tonga to Rio 2016, the Swiss Alps and now PyeongChang in South Korea.

It is not the first time this Tongan athlete has gone without a shirt while representing his country.

Pita Taufatofua was shirtless when Tonga’s flagbearer for Rio 2016. Now he has braved the cold to go bare-chested at the Opening Ceremony for PyeongChang 2018.

The Taekwondo player-turned-cross country skier surprised everyone.  Pita got out the coconut oil once more before entering the freezing Olympic Plaza topless.

Speculation had been rife in the build-up over what the 34-year-old would wear.

But few expected him to repeat his performance of two years ago that captured the world’s attention and pretty much broke the internet. Surely not at a Winter Games?

With only a traditional Tongan tapa cloth skirt to protect him against the elements in PyeongChang, Pita entered the arena. And instantly became a viral sensation for the second time.

His mental determination to battle against elements and adversity is not in doubt.

After all, just getting to South Korea was an achievement in itself.

Pita represented his country at Rio 2016 in Taekwondo.  He then put his mind on making it to PyeongChang 2018. His chosen sport: cross country skiing.  This mean a lot of training.

An incredible challenge for a man that had not seen snow until two years ago.

But the Pacific Islander somehow managed to find a way – making it to his second Olympics through a last-ditch qualifying event in Iceland.

His dream had been realised. The opportunity to get those glistening pecs out once more had arrived.


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