ZeroG DJs – world’s first rave on board a zero gravity aircraft

ZeroG DJs

ZeroG DJs – the world’s first rave in zero gravity atmosphere. Watch the party as the music blares and no-one can stay still. DJs do their best. 

ESA astronauts Pedro Duque and Jean-Francois Clervoy joined a Zero-G flight with a difference.  They piloted an aircraft with band BigCityBeats. On board the flight were some of the world’s biggest DJs. Also fans who couldn’t believe their music experience.

The flight took place on 7 February 2018, departing from Frankfurt Airport.  It was a return flight.  Thank goodness.  Inside was a crazy musical event with a small crowd having fun. Movement was the best rave.

The flight took place on the Novespace A310 normally used for ESA’s parabolic flight campaigns and astronaut training. Now we know how astronauts feel when in space

Credit: BigCityBeats/WorldClubDome

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