Columbus 10 Years In Orbit – celebrations Feb 7 to mark the anniversary

Columbus 10 Years In Orbit
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Columbus 10 Years In Orbit – watch the amazing story of the space craft.  It docked successfully with the ISS a decade ago.

On the 7th of February 2008 Space shuttle Atlantis launched to join the International Space Station, ISS. In the space station’s cargo bay is ESA’s laboratory module Columbus.  For a decade Columbus has been part of the ISS. It is the location ESA astronauts have carried out countless experiments in microgravity.  The amount of scientific work done is mainly because of the module.  It can hardly be overstated.

The Columbus laboratory is ESA’s largest single contribution to the International Space Station.  It was also the first permanent European research facility in space. A wonder of space. Valuable to earth.

The state-of-the-art facility offers 75 cubic metres of space to work in.  It contains an entire suite of research equipment.

Columbus offers the European scientists full access to a weightless environment.  This cannot possibly be duplicated on Earth.

After a decade in orbit ESA’s spacelab has proven to be an important part of the ISS.  Its design has been copied in sci-fi films. The style is unique.

Catch an interview in the video with Leopold Eyharts, the ESA astronaut.  He was the first to work inside Columbus.

He talks the function of Columbus:  I was lucky to be part of this mission and to be the first European astronaut to get into Columbus and to turn on the lights.

The International Space Station is also a very good tool for preparing the future of exploration.  It can be on the medical side, on the study of the human body, but also the technology, robotics and all these kinds of things which will be used in future exploration.


Scientists worldwide have praised the research of the Astronauts.  Kids have also benefited from the work done by ISS crew.  Regular broadcasts made direct to schools.  Astronauts demonstrated what’s new for children.

Let’s hope they will get a chance to join in the festivities.  An exciting time to mark the 10 years of Columbus.  Former crews, scientists will gather.  A large crowd expected.  ISS and Columbus fans from around the world will party.  It is not often large community can take part.  Chance to view the fun. Joining in will be difficult but great to watch. Atmosphere explosive and sparkling.  Corks will be popped. Glasses filled.  Music played. And maybe there will be dancing.  Party hats worn. Balloons will add to the fun.

Celebrations will take place February 7.  They will be broadcast LIVE.  Watch to catch the fun and party atmosphere.  LIVE Feb 7 at 12:30pm GMT

Don’t miss the video and the story of Columbus.  Footage captures it from the start




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