Brits try EU Migrants’ Veg Picking Jobs

Brits try EU Migrants' Veg Picking Jobs
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Brits try EU Migrants’ Veg Picking Jobs – recruitment in Cornwall become difficult since Brexit, research suggests.

A team of young people took on a challenge to work as vegetable pickers, a job usually done by migrant workers.

The group from Plymouth worked for Southern England Farms Ltd in Cornwall picking cabbages. They were aged 18 to 23.  Conditions in the field wet, cold and muddy.  Most of them from the city.

The owner Greville Richards said he employs 500 pickers, nearly all of whom are from Eastern Europe, but would gladly employ British workers.

Research found that immediately after the Brexit referendum recruitment to Cornish farms became more difficult.  Staffing requirements were at 65% of need.

Watch more on Inside Out South West on BBC One on 5 February at 19:30 GMT and on the iPlayer for 30 days thereafter.

Before the UK entered the European Union, one of the biggest headaches for farmers was finding vegetable pickers.  Nationals would be employed but not stay long.  Work difficult.  Conditions poor.  This became an argument for joining the EU.  Migrant workers would be free to enter the country and take on the jobs not wanted by the Brits.

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