Unsane Trailer – 23 March – filmed on an iPhone – texting leads to the asylum

Unsane Trailer
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Unsane Trailer – this movie is shot on an i-Phone.  Watch how texting leads straight to the insane asylum.

A young woman leaves her hometown to escape a troubled past and begin a new job.  But when she is involuntarily committed to a mental institution she is confronted by her greatest fear — but is it real or just her delusion?  With seemingly no-one ready to believe her and the authorities unable or unwilling to help, she must confront her fears head on.  With twisting perspectives and a shocking narrative, Unsane asks questions about our perception of reality, our survival instinct and the system that is supposed to take care of us.

A digital stalker seems to have all the power in this horror film about perception and control.

Steven Soderburgh had retired from film making back in 2013.  But he returned in 2017 for the heist film Logans Lucky.

He’s now back with Unsane.  Critics are not too happy with his iPhone footage.  They say the big screen stretches the images.  But who knows it could be the style Soderburgh is looking for.

Director . Steven Soderburgh

Screenplay  James Greer, Jonathan Bernstein

Stars  Claire Foy, Juno Temple, Jay Pharoah.  Colin Woodell, Aimee Mullins

Horror Thriller

Clair Foy is excellent.  Film comments have described Unsane as looking insane. But it is terrifying.  Could it happen in reality?  Is it a movie to see?

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