Meet the King of Tombstone Bling – take a look at the designer cemetery

Meet the King of Tombstone Bling

Meet the King of Tombstone Bling – he is South Africa’s best

Lebohang W Khitsane designs tombstones and is known as South Africa’s “king of tombstone bling”.

He creates unique tombstones for his clients, which include celebrities and public figures. Visiting the cemetery is like attending an exhibition.  They are perfected to fit in with the surroundings as well as tell a story.

It’s not sure how much they cost. But if they’re being created for the rich and famous then – very expensive!  However, wouldn’t it be glorious to remember a loved one with a designer recreation.

Would the idea be popular in the UK?  Who knows.  It is the sort of thing that could catch on in the community.

Video journalist: Christian Parkinson

BBC News

Quotes: This is my latest creation. This is a tombstone of a South African legend.  Robbie Malinga.   My name is Lebohang W Khitsane. I am the CEO and founder of the Bataung Memorial Tombstones.

I bring tombstones to life when they can describe the person character.  The way you live.  How you live.  What you did.  

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