Uncovering Intimate Partner Abuse – Premieres CBS Reality February 7

Uncovering Intimate Partner Abuse
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Uncovering Intimate Partner Abuse – premieres CBS Reality February 7.  Women so badly beaten, close to death, refuse to speak because of fear

On average every week in the UK, two women are murdered at the hands of a partner or ex-partner.  Between 4-10 others will commit suicide because of domestic abuse. We teach young people how to get home safely.  But sometimes the real danger is when they put the key in the door.

The CBS one-off special documentary Uncovering Intimate Partner Abuse explores and highlights the different elements of domestic abuse. It includes coercion and stalking.  This  often leads to serious violence or homicide.

With 1 in 4 women and 1 in 6 men experiencing domestic abuse during their lifetime, Uncovering Intimate Partner Abuse discusses its impact on society.  Also the new laws that are being implemented. And the increasing level of support available to victims and their families.

Two victims, Jemma Cadle and Samantha Howlett describe their abusive relationships.  With support they eventually regained control and secured convictions.


Other key contributors include criminologist and leading expert in domestic homicide. Dr Jane Monckton-Smith, and DCI Jo Smith and DC Julia Jacobs.  They explain the challenges and complexities faced by the police.

Jacky Silvester has set up a charity that supports the victims and their families.  She speaks about how the charity can help anyone involved with domestic abuse.

View the programme on: Sky 146, Virgin 148.  Freeview 66, Freesat 135

There is further help and support for victims and families.

BetterHelp – Want to talk or be in touch with someone?  You will find a person here:

BetterHelp – there’s also advice if you are struggling to make your marriage work

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