ESA Euronews: 10 Years of Columbus – delivery to International Space Station

Celebrating a Decade of Columbus Live

ESA Euronews: 10 Years of Columbus – it had a delivery for the International Space Station. 

With whoops and cheers from the crew, the Shuttle Atlantis blasted off ten years ago. On board Europe’s Columbus module.  Bound for the International Space Station.

On 11 February, the crew on the International Space Station captured the new arrival.

Since then ESA’s orbiting science lab has been used to grow plants, research new metals and probe astronauts’ blood, bodies and brains.


Ten years ago Columbus took a shuttle ride to space.  Europe’s new space laboratory flew into orbit and was carefully bolted on to the International Space Station.  Today it’s a busy workspace and the favourite quarters of the recently returned astronaut Paolo Nespoli.

Esa Astronaut  Leopald Eyharts oversaw the ten tonne module back in 2008. Shows us around the Astronaut training mock-up here in Cologne.

Being able to carry out and repeat experiments has yielded ground breaking results.  Like this research into how plants cope in weightlessness. Scientists behind the research want to development systems to produce food for astronauts on long-term missions.

Another experiment on Columbus has seen life-form on earth exposed to the universe outside the module.


To mark the momentous occasion, the larger Columbus family of planners, builders, scientists, support teams and astronauts will gather to celebrate.  This will be at the lab at ESA’s technical heart in the Netherlands on 7 February. More to come on this event soon.

Looking forward to see what the European Space Agency has planned for the occasion.  So much has happened during the 10 years. Success has led the way.  Astronauts have surpassed their scientific work. More will be revealed when the party starts.

More fun

The crew that have worked on board ISS with Columbus likely to be part of the fun.  A gathering of incredible abilities and professions. Additional skills demonstrated.

Celebrations may not only take part on earth but also on board ISS. Champagne not likely to be available on the Space Centre.  But bottles likely to pop on earth. Will the ISS crew be able to tie a ribbon round Columbus? It would add some colour to the all-white scene.  It is possible the balloons will float inside and outside the Space Station. Balloons on earth would be fun.  So would ribbons.  Party hats bound to be worn. Team on earth likely to be dressed in party mode. Crew on board the ISS also expected to be dressed in their best party clothes.

News just in.  We’ve heard that the European Space Agency will broadcast LIVE from ISS and Columbus to earth. This on February 7, 12:30 GMT. Watch the LIVE stream here for the celebrations.

Earthlings are eager to catch up with Columbus. A great view from the Space Stations cameras.  They are located all over the place. Expect to see some amazing footage from inside and outer space. NASA to join in on the fun.  The more the merrier

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