Lady Bird Trailer – 16 February – mad, turbulent years of teenage girl

Lady Bird Trailer
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Lady Bird Trailer – Watch how this teen deals with relationships – hits cinemas February 16

This is how it goes

Christine “Lady Bird” MacPherson is a high school senior from the “wrong side of the tracks.” She longs for adventure, sophistication, and opportunity.  But finds none of that in her Sacramento Catholic high school. LADY BIRD follows the senior year in high school, including her first romance.  Her participation in the school play, and most importantly, her applying for college. Written by Dehlia


An outspoken teenage girl must navigate a loving but turbulent relationship with her strong-willed mother. This is over the course of an eventful and poignant senior year of high school.  The kids are not helpful either.  It is like, bullying. They don’t give up. Constant verbal abuse.  But then Lady Bird doesn’t take it lying down.  She gives as much as she gets.

Best reviewed film ever

Director:  Greta Gerwig

Writer:  Greta Gerwig

Stars: Saoirse Ronan as Lady Bird McPhersonLaurie Metcalf as Marion McPhersonTracy Letts as Larry McPherson, Timothée Chalamet as Kyle Scheible

Film Quotes

I hate California. Want to go to the East Coast.  I want to go where culture is, like New York.  At least Connecticut or New Hampshire, where writers live in the wood.  MUM: wouldn’t get into those schools anyway.  MOM!  Should go to City College.  You know with your work ethics you should go to City College.  Then to jail.  Go back to City College.  You may learn to pull yourself up and not expect everybody to do everything SCREAM

Lady Bird is that your given name? Yup.  Why is it quotes?  I gave it to myself.  It is given to me by me.

Lady Bird says she always lives on the wrong side of the tracks.  But I always thought it was like a metaphor.

The film is up for awards in the 90th Oscar Awards

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