Anglo French Summit – a new chapter between two countries – watch two leaders

Anglo French Summit
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Anglo French Summit – Theresa May and French President Emmanuel Macron meet.  They talked money, border, military and not so much Brexit.

The PM offered France 44.5 million pounds to bolster security at French border controls.  Extra money is part of measures to deepen cooperation Mrs May hopes will foster goodwill in Brexit talks.

Mrs May said it was in Britain’s national interest, as well as France’s, to commit more resources to Calais to boost border security.

She said they must demonstrate leadership on military matters.  A combined joint expeditionary force would be ready to deploy up to 10,000 troops “quickly and effectively to face any threat” by 2020.

The prime minister said a multi-million pound deal to build 36 A380 passenger aircraft for Emirates Airlines had been signed by Airbus.  Plants in France and the UK.

The summit opened a new chapter of friendship both leaders said.  France and UK have signed a treaty to speed up the process of migrants in Calais.

One of the main reasons cooperation agreements were made at the summit.  Both leaders discussed “shared interests and priorities” rather than Brexit.  Especially after the EU has stepped up calls for Britain to change its mind.

Emmanuel Macron hoped loaning the Bayeux Tapestry to the UK would boost cultural links.  Everyone is looking forward to seeing this fabulous item in Britain.  The piece of art has not been in the country for nearly a thousand years.

While Brexit was not a topic of conversation President Macron said it would not “impact on the quality” of the UK-France relationship.  Or the close co-operation between the two countries.

There is positive reaction to the meeting at Sandhurst.  Analysts believe it could lead to much stronger relations.

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