Woman Obsessed With Doors – an Instagram sensation

Woman Obsessed With Doors
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Woman Obsessed With Doors – door traits an Instagram hit. Do people come knocking on her door?

Jeyda Heselton is obsessed with doors. She roams the world taking pictures of brightly painted doors, crumbling façades and picture-perfect entrances.

The doors are an amazing selection of colours, design and artwork. They could belong to anyone.  From what we know Jeyda does not connect too closely with the owners.

Doors look normal size, and installed in all sorts of buildings or premises.  Do you recognise any of them?  Let us know if you do.

The photographer also loves big knockers!  Well, the kind that can be found on doors.

Quotes: I have a pretty close relationship with doors. (don’t take this the wrong way). I would say I am a door expert.  I’m a dork.  Thought I was the only one.  But actually there’s a whole community of door lovers.

At first when you tell people, everyone laughs and thinks you’re insane.  But then when I get my Instagram page and show people the general reaction is uh? It’s actually really good. I especially love crumbling old decaying doors.  

It is the story behind these doors that are intriguing

Video Journalist: Hannah Gelbart

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