Meet Susie A Golden Globe Race Sailor – leaves July 2018 – irresistible challenge

Meet Susie A Golden Globe Race Sailor

Meet Susie A Golden Globe Race Sailor – Streamline Productions caught up with her at the London Boat Show, 2018

The event marks the 50th anniversary of the Sunday Times Golden Globe solo.  It was a non-stop round the world Race in 1968/9 when rules then allowed competitors to start from ports in northern France.  Or the UK between June 1st and October 31st.

Nine started but only one finished – Robin Knox-Johnston and his yacht Suhaili.

Susie Goodhall is one of 23 skippers taking part in the Golden Globe challenge. Susie is proud of her venture and invited her Mum to take a look.  She went through all the changes made to the boat ‘DHL Starlight’ in preparation for the big race.  This was after her circuit of the Atlantic for initial testing.

Competition is going to be strong.  But Susie is confidant she has the skills to compete and possibly win the competition.

Quotes: It looks really good. They’re bullet proof.  Literally.  Really.  A couple of drains.  It just takes ages to drain.  So they’re quite a lot bigger than what they were. Could’ve saved a little bit on weight.  I could never bake.  I think it is just an important part.  Even if its not for the food just for the smell of it

The 2018 Golden Globe Race will start from Les Sables d’Olonne on Sunday July 1, 2018.  An exciting launch of an exciting race

Streamline has exclusive video access to the 50th anniversary ocean race. They will be there from start to finish.  Keep in touch with video highlights

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