School With A Bank – dealing with debt and how to buy, sell, save

School With A Bank
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School With A Bank.  Dealing with debt: The mini-bankers learning how to save

Kirton Primary School in Boston has its own school bank and currency to educate children on how to manage money.

BBC Cameras given permission to go in and film the kids doing their banking.  This is to tell the story of how the pupils are learning to buy, sell and save

The other good thing about the banking subject is that the school has its own currency.  It is called Kirt after the name of the school.

The value is about 3 pence to a Kirt note.  As you will see in the video the banking system is popular.  So is the purchase of currency.  After all they need to it buy goods up for sale at generous prices.

Kirton Primary School and Nursery educates children age 3 to 11. They are proud to say the kids enjoy attending and that the school is a proud member of the Parliament Federation.

School banking came about because it has a strong focus on teaching about money.

You can watch BBC Inside Out’s debt school bank special on BBC One at 19:30 GMT on Monday January 15

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