American Embassy London To Open Without Donald Trump – a relief

American Embassy London To Open Without Donald Trump

American Embassy London To Open Without Donald Trump – he may never get to see it

President Donald Trump canceled his visit to UK in February. He was due to open the new US embassy in London. He tweeted to say he was not a big fan of the new embassy.  He’s not coming.

Donald Trump blamed Barack Obama’s Administration for a bad deal. But it had been agreed under George W Bush. That seemed to brush over him.

The news of Mr Trump’s decision not to come seemed to bring a sigh of relief across the Capital.  But as President of the United States he has an invitation from the Queen to come to the UK on a State visit.  We’ll see when that happens.  No date is in mind.

In the meantime, the new Embassy looks fabulous.  It is in a re-generated area of Nine Elms in Wandsworth, not far from Vauxhall.

It stands out among the other expensive looking high rises. The Embassy has a unique design.  Especially created for the 21st century. It will be safe and offer a warm welcome.  Building work still going on.  Garden and moat yet to finish.  Once complete the flag will go up and stay up.

But will Donald Trump ever get to see it?  There is bound to be some doubt about it.  Although when he comes on his State visit he will have to say hello to the Ambassador.

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