Soccerex China 2018: Euro Clubs Already Confirmed – a football market conference

Soccerex China 2018: Euro Clubs Already Confirmed

Soccerex China 2018: Euro Clubs Already Confirmed. Two days of intensive and challenging negotiations

See what European clubs and elite football organisations you could join at Soccerex China in April.

Soccerex China will take place in Zhuhai on 17-18 April 2018.  It connects football’s buyers, suppliers and decision makers.  This is for two days of insight, networking and business. The event described as one the fastest growing football markets in the world.

The two days will help China pick up some skills in football.  The visitors from UK and rest of Europe will provide guidelines and details about how to run a great football club.


China’s President Xi Jinping stated he wants the country to be a great football nation. This led to the formation of China National Football Reform Plan in 2015.

Soccerex recognised the passion and negotiated its marketing conference to be held in Zhuhai.  A great move.

China’s population is 1,378 billion. Over 500 million believed to watch football online. The interest is massive.

The Chinese sporting authorities estimate their national sport industry is worth $800USD billion. This in 2015.

Doing business in China has got to be the way to go. Foreign visitors are welcome.  Talking football and the success behind the game will be key.

Chinese investment in sport grew by 600% in the 10 years. This was prior to their focus on football development.  The investment looks set to continue.  Ambitious growth plans are targeting a further 400% growth by 2025. In addition one of the core principles of their football plan is the use of international expertise.  Also resources to accelerate growth.

The April event is a good place to be. Discussions, exchange of ideas will be part of the conference.  Get to meet decision makers from local governments and football administrators.  Who knows where it will go.

A lot can be achieved in two days.  No time wasted.  Soak up atmosphere.  The mood will be business.  Catch up with neighbours. Everyone looking for best deals.

It doesn’t matter whether big or small.  Be there to be involved. Clubs welcome to talk business for present of future.  Look ahead ideal for future Club deals

Soccerex expect a packed conference.

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