Ecuador Gives Julian Assange a Passport – will he leave or stay?

Ecuador Gives Julian Assange a Passport

Ecuador Gives Julian Assange a Passport – but will the document give him the right to leave and freedom?

Ecuadorian media report the Wikileaks founder issued the document December 21.

The Foreign Office turned down a request from the Ecuadorian Government to grant Mr Assange diplomatic status.  FO said: Ecuador knows that the way to resolve this issue is for Julian Assange to leave the Embassy to face justice.

It’s reported recently that Mr Assange may be expelled from the Embassy.

But there’s been no development on the issue. The Wikileaks founder entered the Ecuador Embassy in 2012.

Mr Assange sought asylum after the US called for his extradition. Sweden also sought extradition so that Assange could answer allegations of rape and sexual assault. The charges later dropped by Swedish prosecutors due to impossibility of serving notice.

Metropolitan Police said Mr Assange faces charge of failing to surrender to a court. It has cost the British government millions of pounds to guard the Embassy.  Police guard outside Embassy stopped 2015.

A United Nations panel concluded in 2016 that Julian Assange was under arbitrary detention.

Statement by Mr Assange’s legal team said: The UN ruling, issued two years ago, is crystal clear in its language. Mr Assange is unlawfully and arbitrarily detained by UK authorities and must be released.

Julian Assange recently published a photo wearing an Ecuador football shirt. It suggests acceptance of citizenship.  Could that be right?

Watch video timeline of Assange’s asylum in the Ecuador Embassy

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