Army Recruitment Ads – eager to sign-up new breed of solider

Army Recruitment Ads

Army Recruitment Ads – new Radio, TV and online adverts aim to target a new breed of soldier.

They’ve called it the belonging campaign.  Anyone can sign up, from all kinds of communities.

The ads, which are all voiced by serving soldiers ask: What if I get emotional?, Can I be gay in the Army? and “Do I have to be a superhero?”

In one, a Muslim soldier explains how the army has allowed him to practise his faith.

Retired Colonel Richard Kemp said the new £1.6m campaign would not solve the Army’s recruiting crisis.

But General Sir Nick Carter, head of the Army, said the campaign reflected the country’s changing demography.

So, what do you think?  Take a look at the videos to find out what the answers are and whether they will be effective..

The most viewed videos are: What if I get emotional?  Can I practice my faith in the Army?

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