Golden Globes – Stars Speeches – ‘a new day is on the horizon’ – to the point messages

Golden Globes - Stars Speeches
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Golden Globes – Stars Speeches.  Some strong messages were delivered from one of the most high-profile stages in the entertainment industry.

Oprah Winfrey said “a new day is on the horizon” as she collected an honorary award at the Golden Globes.

It was the first major Hollywood awards ceremony since the film industry was hit by sexual harassment scandals, with stars wearing black to honour victims.

As well as wearing black the stars sent a message.  No tolerance of sexual harassment.  The brief sound-bites in the video give a good idea of how the females stars felt.

But not only for themselves but also for all women in any form of workplace.

A packed audience at the Gold Globes heard it all. Male and female guests sat and listened to the messages. On the whole response was supportive.

Not all women wore black.  But it didn’t stop them from backing the speakers

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