Construction Update RRS Sir David Attenborough – time lapse October 2016 to December 2017

Construction Update RRS Sir David Attenborough

Construction update RRS Sir David Attenborough. One of the most advanced polar research vessels in the world. Fascinating to watch the building work carried out.

This time-lapse video, shot by Cammell Laird, records progress from October 2016 to December 2017.

The footage includes the integration of the stern section. It travelled from A&P in Newcastle, along with the ship’s move out of the Construction Hall at the end of 2017. The ship will be completed by October 2018.

From 2019 onwards, scientists researching oceans, ice and atmosphere will have access to state of the art facilities. They will be available on this floating multidisciplinary research platform.  An outstanding opportunity.  It will contribute to the knowledge necessary to tackle environmental issues.

The RRS Sir David Attenborough was commissioned by NERC and built by Cammell Laird. The new polar research ship will allow scientists of British Antarctic Survey greater opportunities for exploration. Also carry out research with state-of-the-art facilities. It is capable of circling the entire Antarctic continent twice.

Its capabilities are outstanding. Watch the time-lapse video

Find out more about the UK’s newest polar research ship. Go:

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