Meltdown and Spectre: All Mac Devices Affected – Apple

Meltdown and Spectre: All Mac Devices Affected
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Meltdown and Spectre: All Mac Devices Affected. The video explains Chip hacks and sensible protection. 

The story:

Apple has said that all iPhones, iPads and Mac computers affected by two major flaws in computer chips.

It emerged this week that tech companies have been racing to fix the Meltdown and Spectre bugs. These could allow hackers to steal data.

Apple said it had already released some patches.  But there was no evidence that the vulnerability had been exploited.

However, Apple advised downloading software only from trusted sources to avoid malicious apps.

Mac users often believe their devices and operating systems less vulnerable to security issues. This compared to Android phones or computers running Microsoft systems.

But the Meltdown and Spectre flaws are found in all modern computer processing units – or microchips – made by Intel and ARM.  Together the firms supply almost the entire global computer market.

Apple said it had already released mitigations against Meltdown in its latest iPhones and iPad operating system updates.  They are iOS 11.2 and the macOS 10.13.2 for its MacBooks and iMacs.

The Apple watch is not affected as the bug an issue with Intel processors which are not contained in that device.

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