Jeremy Corbyn’s Hip Hop New Year Video – with message – Here We Come

Jeremy Corbyn's Hip Hop New Year Video

Jeremy Corbyn’s Hip Hop New Year Video. A great sound that beats out the message: Here We Come.

To the thudding soundtrack of hip hop artists The Siege, Mr Corbyn year as Labour Leader is shown in this 1 minute 28 second video.

It is stunning, original and is sweeping Twitter and the rest of the Social Media.

There was a New Year written statement from the Labour Leader. In it he promised a new Britain: run in the interests of the many not the few.

It also said: “We are a government in waiting, while the Conservatives are weak and divided and stuck in an outdated rut with no new ideas.” It was all but ignored by the media and, like so many other Christmas and New Year political messages, made little impact.

But it is the video which is making an impact.

The Seige, which provided the soundtrack, also style themselves on their website as part of a “movement”. On their twitter feed, the band say: “Trust the vibes you get. Energy doesn’t lie” and “Life is hard no matter what. Might as well work hard to live the life you want.” They did not comment on the use by Mr Corbyn of their music on his video.

One Response to “Jeremy Corbyn’s Hip Hop New Year Video – with message – Here We Come”

  1. Lauren January 4, 2018 at 10:42 am #


    What on Earth did I just watch?!


    As a young person I can tell you, categorically, that we have not all fallen for his terrible deceit. Corbyn is a joke! Labour will never recover from being branded as the communist party thanks to him. I suppose we can be grateful for that at least.

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