Mercury Among 2018 ESA Missions – more exploration satellites – command ISS

Mercury Among 2018 ESA Missions

Mercury Among 2018 ESA Missions – more space ventures and challenging environment observations.

A fruitful 2017 had many exciting launches as well as bringing to the end some historic missions. But the European Space Agency, ESA, is ready for a new and eventful year to come.

One of the most adventurous missions will be getting up close with Mercury the hottest planet in the solar system.  Further exploration is planned and expected to be launched summer 2018.

This is one of ESA’s cornerstone science missions.   It will study Mercury to better understand the planet and will be done in cooperation with the Japanese Space Agency.

And there is more planned in 2018.  The year will mark the 10th anniversary of the International Space Station’s Columbus module. Also introduce an ESA astronaut who will take the helm of the ISS as commander. Excellent news for the European Space Agency.

There will be more launches of new earth observation and exploration satellites to help improve weather and environmental studies and forecasts.  2018 will also mark the completion of the first part of the Copernicus constellation observing the Earth and of the full Galileo constellation, Europe’s own satellite navigation system.

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