Top 17 Earth From Space Images 2017 – taken from windows of the International Space Station

Top 17 Earth From Space Images 2017

Top 17 Earth From Space Images 2017 – stunning views of the globe shared by ISS crew 

The astronauts and cosmonauts on the International Space Station take pictures of Earth.

They are taken out of their windows nearly every day. Over a year that adds up to thousands of photos.

What a wonderful job for the crew.  During live broadcasts of the ISS images of astronauts could be seen holding a camera. Little did we know that they were doing their job.  It was part of their mission while on ISS to take images of earth.

It must have been the best bit of being on board the Space Station. Each of the crew had a particular talent for taking photos. The cameras they used were top quality.  Exceptional sight needed to click the images of earth.

The people at the Earth Science and Remote Sensing Unit at NASA’s Johnson Space Center in Houston had the enviable job of going through this year’s crop to pick their top 17 photos of Earth for 2017.

It was a difficult and exciting job!  Well done!

—here’s what they chose!

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