Prince Harry Grills Barack Obama – special Radio 4’s Today show

Prince Harry Grills Barack Obama

Prince Harry Grills Barack Obama – special interview as Harry presents Radio 4’s Today programme for a day

Queen or the Queen? Boxers or briefs? Rachel or Monica from Friends? Barack Obama faces some seriously tough questions from Prince Harry.

Former US President Barack Obama had a lot to say in this rare interview since stepping down in January 2017.

He warned against the irresponsible use of social media. Such actions were distorting people’s understanding of complex issues, and spreading misinformation.

His successor Donald Trump is a prolific user of Twitter, but Mr Obama did not mention him by name.

The ex-president said those in positions of power should be careful when posting messages, warning that social media is distorting civil discourse.

He expressed concern about a future where facts are discarded and people only read and listen to things that reinforce their own views.

But in this video Barack Obama shows his humorous side of his nature. He has fun with Prince Harry and doesn’t take any nonsense from the royal. They enjoy each other’s company.  Harry did his research and had a good list of questions for the quick quiz.

Interesting answers were given. So, don’t miss catching up with the friendship. Another question is – we don’t hear it in the interview – will Mr Obama get an invitation to the wedding?  He is likely to be top on the list.

However, there is a question in the quiz about Meghan Markle.  Don’t miss it! Does the ex-President give the right answer? Do they stay friends afterwards? A lot to take in

The royal interviewed the former US president for his guest editorship of Radio 4’s Today programme.

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