Floating Football Pitch Qatar – superstar players of Paris Saint-Germain

Floating Football Pitch Qatar

Floating Football Pitch Qatar – superstar players selected to test the pitch!

The superstar players of Paris Saint-Germain ended 2017 with a stunning world first. A game on a floating football pitch. This was during the club’s Qatar Winter Tour 2017 this week Dec ’17. The friendly game saw players including Neymar Jr, Kylian Mbappe, Edinson Cavani and Thiago Silva, playing atop the pitch. It was floating on the stunning waters of the Arabian Gulf against the dramatic backdrop of Doha’s glittering skyline.

The event concluded the team’s time in Qatar as part of its traditional mid-season Qatar Winter Tour.

The team also met with thousands of Qatari football fans. Introduced to the cultural activities organised by the Qatar Tourism Authority (QTA).  Players treated to a trip to the magnificent Qatari sand dunes of the Inland Sea.  Players Adrien Rabiot, Layvin Kurzawa and Marco Verratti, had a taste of Arabian hospitality at a traditional campsite.

Watch the video for a glimpse of how the players enjoyed the floating pitch.  It was not easy to kick a ball around on such an unsteady ground.

Red Card for any footballer who allowed the ball to touch the water. Very dodgy game.  The players were highly skilled and kept the ball afloat as well.

In the background great view of Doha.  A city built from scratch. Now a fast moving place for all sorts of activities.

Qatar authorities thrilled to be hosting the World Cup. They creating a comfortable and welcoming City for visitors.

The promenade is the most attractive site. The water surrounding the city is clean but full of boats and now a floating football pitch.  Although it is likely to be dismantled when not in use.


Locals can’t wait to have visitors from around the globe. The city continues to construct and build to accommodate the demand. Tourists can expect the best.  Hotels are five star quality. And there is a choice.

Be prepared for the heat. But once inside air conditioning kicks in. Western visitors may have to take care with what they wear. It is more rather than less

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