Darkest Hour UK Premiere – Gary Oldman Golden Globe best actor – in cinemas January 12

Darkest Hour UK Premiere - Gary Oldman Churchill
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Darkest Hour UK Premiere – a cold night but lots of heat from the fans. The film opens across the nation January 12. Good news: Gary Oldman wins Golden Globe best actor for his role as Churchill

The crowd welcomed the stars who walked the red carpet in Leicester Square, London.

They were all there. Gary Oldman, Kristen Scott Thomas, Lily James, Timothy West and more.

Also great excitement because Gary Oldman has been nominated Best Actor in the Golden Globes for his role as Churchill. Brilliant. Film critics have praised Gary for his role.

Gary was modest and didn’t talk about it.  But he tells us about his role and the energy needed each day to perform.  Lot of it went into putting on the costume and face make-up.  It takes good half day to put it on then just as much time to remove it.  A day on the shoot started at dawn

However, all eyes were on Lily James, who plays Churchill’s secretary in the War Room. She looked fabulous. Lily was wearing a great British gown designed by Burberry.

But being such a cold night jackets or coats had to be worn. This was after the snappies got their pics for front pages.  The red carpet perfect occasion for celebrating the launch of the film.

A lot of fun to watch

Watch the video for more!


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