Young Women on Sexual Harassment in Workplace – ‘he asked me to lick wine off his hand’

Young Women on Sexual Harassment in Workplace
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Young Women on Sexual Harassment in Workplace – it can happen every day

Two in five British women, and a fifth of men, have been sexually harassed at work or a place of study, a BBC survey has found.

These women told the BBC about their experiences of sexual harassment at work.

There have been revelations about sexual harassment since the Weinstein affair earlier this year.  Women came forward and publicly revealed his behaviour toward them.

Other claims have been made. Another hollywood star accused of sexual harassment is Kevin Spacey.  Males have come forward with their stories. He lost his role in House of Cards one of the most poplar TV shows.  Spacey may never work again as an actor.


He asked me to lick wine of his hand. Why are you wearing one of those jackets it looks like it’s been sprayed onto you.  He tried to kiss me drunk. 

One particular table three quite elderly, quite wealthy, very affluent men wearing suits.  They bought the right to humiliate me.

If I did not close a sale they said to me you didn’t smile enough.  Did you flirt? Couldn’t you have bent over you know?

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