Prankster Defends Cementing Head in Microwave – dangerous joke

Prankster Defends Cementing Head in Microwave

Prankster Defends Cementing Head in Microwave – meant to be a joke but got dangerous

A Wolverhampton man who cemented his head inside a microwave said he “doesn’t care” what people think.

Jay Swingler, 22, had to be freed by firefighters after the stunt, filmed for his YouTube channel, took a dangerous turn.

Jay and a group of friends mixed seven bags of Polyfilla before they poured it around his head. It was protected by a plastic bag inside the appliance to keep it in place and until it set.

The friends had managed to feed an air tube into the man’s head to help him breathe before they called the Fire Brigade and Ambulance.

He said emergency services‘ time was not wasted, because “they saved my life”.

West Midlands Fire Service said it would not charge the £650 deployment fee as his life was in genuine danger.

There were five firefighters involved in the rescue.  It took up to an hour to free the man’s head.

He was lucky.  His mates were behind the idea as well.

Quote:  I feel relieved to be out of there man.  I feel amazing.  


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