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Live Question Time
Live Question Time

Live Question Time

LIVE Question Time with Prime Minister – Brexit dominating exchanges between Theresa May and Jeremy Corbyn

Theresa May: We will do what is right in the interest of the whole United Kingdom and nothing is agreed until everything is agreed

TM: we’ll be sure to get the best deal.

We’re leaving the European Union.  We’ll be leaving the single market..

We’ll get a good deal on trade and security

A trade deal that ensures jobs across UK

Back benchers want to get questions in as well about other issues

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn called on the PM to “End the confusion”.  The conservatives’ deal with the DUP is “truly a coalition of chaos”

Some MPs offering to go to Brussels with PM to help with negotiations in the future.

PM: We are on course to deliver what the people of this country voted for when they voted to leave the European Union

There is rousing support for Theresa May from the back benches of the Conservative Party.

Also question about threat to Prime Minister

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