Penguins Try Not to Wake the Sleeping Giants – Blue Planet series 6

Penguins Try Not to Wake the Sleeping Giants

Penguins Try Not to Wake the Sleeping Giants – Blue Planet – oceans episode 6 broadcast on BBCOne Sunday night at 8pm. Narrated by Sir David Attenborough

King penguins need to get past a natural barrier of elephant seals to reach their colony.

Once a year, king penguins return to the cold Antarctic shores of South Georgia for a month-long moult. First they must cross the biggest wall of blubber on the planet – thousands of gigantic elephant seals. Then they face a month with no food, before they can return to their natural home, the chilly Antarctic seas.

The planet’s coasts are changing fast as they are among the most built-up areas of the world. Just off the beaches of Miami, the largest gathering of coastal sharks on the planet can still be found. But today they must face the many challenges that come from our world too.

Quotes: He can’t fly over this barrier so he has walk as unobtrusively as possible. And hope that sleeping giants will continue to lie.  Careful.  This could be tricky

Blue Planet II is broadcast on BBC One Sunday nights at 8pm.


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