LIVE: Sentinel-5P First Light Event – 09:30 – 11:15 GMT – images of earth pollution from space. CLICK WATCH AGAIN

Live: Sentinel-5P
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LIVE: Sentinel-5P First Light Event – Dec 1 – 09:30 – 11:15 GMT.  Images of pollution from space. First public viewing.  Live broadcast.  It tells story of the Sentinel-5P built in Stevenage. WATCH AGAIN

A lot was said. Scientists spoke of milestones and game changes. This the future. Signs of what can be done to prevent space pollution.

Great excitement over the new images from the Sentinel-5P. They show stunning views of what is happening over earth.  More is expected in 2018.

Launched into orbit on 13 October, the Copernicus Sentinel-5P satellite has delivered its first images of air pollution. To mark this important milestone media representatives invited to an exclusive viewing. Organised by ESA, the European Commission and the German Aerospace Centre DLR.  These tantalising first results surpass expectations.

The event also includes explanation about how the mission works.  Also how it is set to benefit weather forecasting and monitoring air quality around the world. It will be held at DLR in Oberpfaffenhofen near Munich on 1 December.

Scientists warn that the growing problem of space debris is putting spacecraft and astronauts at risk.

It is estimated that there are about half a million pieces of man-made rubbish orbiting the Earth. They range from huge defunct satellites, to spent rocket boosters and nuts and bolts.

Any collisions can cause a great deal of damage, and generate even more pieces of debris.

Rubbish began to litter the skies since the first launch into space back in the 60s.  Some of it big as a washing machine

Finding a way to remove the rubbish is prime activity for the European Space Agency.  NASA also working on plans to clean-up space.

But it is getting closer.


The main purpose of this mission is to collect information about air quality and air pollution on the Earth’s atmosphere.  This is one of the most important space ventures for the Earth’s environment.  The data will be valuable for future science. It will help speed up the process of action if needed.

Environment key issue and views from space can inform. Sentinel 5P launch is vital and can do this. The travel to Russia done with huge care. Once there final assembly took place. Video captures each stage.

Scientists explain the purpose of the mission.

Quote: It is the first one to measure chemicals and greenhouse gases.  

The launch into space on October 13 went well. Conditions in Russia good for despite lost of cloud.

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