The Bridge Where the Brexit Stakes are High – border between nations

The Bridge Where the Brexit Stakes are High
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The Bridge Where the Brexit Stakes are High – Norther Ireland border runs through it

The villages of Belcoo, in Northern Ireland, and Blacklion, in the Republic of Ireland, think of themselves as one community, even if geographically they are divided by an old stone bridge.

The border runs right through the bridge, a fact which the residents feel makes them particularly vulnerable to the outcome of the Brexit negotiations.

Communities on both sides have friends they frequently visit.  The bridge has a bump in the middle.  This indicates the exact border location.

People travel freely and are accustomed to the freedom it offers.  Some years ago there used to be a check-point.  But circumstances have changed since then.  Crossing is simple and straight forward.

Some locals believe a hard border won’t return.  However young people – there are a few – worry. Returning to older methods could affect their job opportunities.

Easy access to means some things can be bought on one side while other delicacies – like whisky – on the other.

Watch the video.

It’s an area Rachel Horne, the BBC’s business presenter, knows well – she grew up just down the road.

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